The system is based on HMI+PLC system, and the user interface is configuration embedded software, with extremely high stability and reliability.  successfully used in many domestic and international high-definition broadcast vehicle projects. The system uses multi- channel power supply and supports automatic switching of AC and DC power supply. The system operates without the help of a computer or operating system. The system can enter the normal working state in 6 seconds after powering on . The system has passed the GJB-150 A environmental and durability test and has passed the impact test. , vibration, high and low temperature, high humidity , sand and dust and other rigorous tests, it has strong environmental applicability.

The core of the system is the control host, which is connected to different functional modules such as the power supply monitoring unit and equipment control expansion unit to achieve comprehensive monitoring and control of the entire vehicle. The expansion unit obtains the status of the vehicle’s mechanical equipment, environment and electronic equipment in real time through various connected position, status and other sensors , the power supply system, leveling system , and has the detection and alarm function of side out/in and automatic detection Check whether the work surface, cabinet door, door, access door, interior floor, exterior work ladder, supporting legs, etc. are in place, as well as the temperature and humidity inside the vehicle, water leakage alarm and other functions. Real-time status monitoring of vehicles is achieved, and at the same time, the working status of audio and video equipment can be monitored as needed.

The system can be monitored and operated locally or remotely using a variety of multiple handheld terminal devices via wireless networks. The system can display the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and PM2.5 concentration indicators of each zone in real time, and can control the air conditioners in each zone respectively.

System Schematic

Power supply status monitoring: The system can comprehensively monitor the power distribution of the entire vehicle, including overvoltage, undervoltage, overload , short circuit, three-phase phase loss, three-phase phase sequence, zero loss, zero fire reverse connection, and low frequency. and over-frequency monitoring and protection, which can clearly monitor all power parameters on one screen interface; it has the function of detecting, alarming and protecting external mains power leakage, phase loss, and zero loss ; it has the function of detecting and protecting the vehicle’s DC 24V power supply Under-voltage and over-voltage monitoring and alarm functions.

The system can be connected to the communication interface of the UPS, collect the status of the UPS in real time, process and analyze the collected parameters, and display them on the touch screen. Monitor the UPS’s operating status, alarm information, and working parameters in real time. When an alarm occurs, the alarm text and sound and light prompts will be output immediately to notify the user to handle it in a timely manner.

Vehicle temperature and humidity monitoring: The monitoring system can read: the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, PM2.5 concentration indicators of the cabinet in the vehicle, each partition, and other information on the operating status of various detection equipment, and make alarms. When the environmental parameters exceed the set upper and lower limit alarm values, an alarm sound and light prompt will be output immediately to prompt the user to handle it in time. Indicators such as temperature and humidity in the car, carbon dioxide concentration and PM2.5 concentration indicators can optionally be linked to the air conditioning and fresh air systems, and these environmental protection equipment can be automatically turned on and off according to the environmental conditions.

Expansion alarm point layout: Expansion status monitoring capabilities, the system can read the Expansion floor, door, mobile cabinet rack, support legs, Expansion and other limit position information, and make alarm processing and protection Disposal: Install a camera in the car to observe the situation inside the car when the car is closed, and the camera picture is displayed on the monitoring system outside the vehicle. When retracting the vehicle, if the doors, floor and other movable parts of the vehicle body are not in the retracted position, an alarm will be displayed on the centralized control system interface outside the vehicle and the Expansion cannot be retracted.

When the centralized control system cannot operate due to sensor failure, a manual emergency mode is provided.

Vehicle light adjustment: You can control the normal lights on and off, and you can turn off the lights with one click when closing the car. The ambient light adjustment function can adjust the color of the ambient light in each area, or set it to randomly change colors at regular intervals.

There are two surveillance cameras installed in the OB truck. Click the camera button on the screen to call up the real-time in-car footage captured by the camera.

Vehicle level status monitoring: Accurately monitor the balance status of the vehicle, try to keep the vehicle body as horizontal as possible during the vehicle balance support operation, and prevent the operation of the Expansion when the vehicle body is not in a balanced state to avoid damage to the Expansion and its related mechanisms.

This system has multiple alarm functions, including monitoring and alarm functions for electricity safety, environmental monitoring, etc. The system default status normal indicator light is Green  , an alarm occurs and becomes Red. When any alarm occurs in the system and the buzzer is turned on, an alarm warning tone will sound.

Alarm buzzer setting switch, valid display “on”, invalid display “off”. When the switch is on and any alarm occurs, the buzzer on the device panel will emit a high-pitched intermittent beep.

Air conditioning control interface: It can centrally control the operation of all air conditioners in the car, temperature adjustment and other operations, making it convenient for users to adjust temperature and humidity in a timely manner, monitor the temperature and humidity of key locations in real time, and provide timely alarm reminders when temperature and humidity are abnormal. It can optionally be linked with the air conditioning and fresh air systems based on indicators such as temperature and humidity in the car, carbon dioxide concentration , and PM2.5 concentration indicators , and automatically open and close these environmental protection equipment according to the environmental status.

Using multiple tablets, connecting to the WiFi of the vehicle centralized control system or using 4G / 5G communication, you can monitor the status of all power distribution systems, side pull box status, lighting status, temperature and humidity, etc. on the vehicle anytime and anywhere. Relevant parameters can be monitored in real time without missing any key information.

Surveillance cameras are installed on the moving parts of the side pull box on the broadcast vehicle. The cameras are connected to the touch screen through a network switch, which allows the operator to monitor the status of the vehicle when retracting and retracting theExpansion, ensuring the smooth deployment of the Expansion. or withdrawn.


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