Bidirectional 12G-SDI Backward-compatible with 6G/3G/HD/SD

IOTS-Mini-4K has a 2-channel 4K interface, which can form a bidirectional 4K transmission link. The transmitting end has a Loop out port, and the receiving end has a divided dual output. IOTS-Mini-4K supports SMPTE ST-2082 full format signal transmission, and is compatible with signals of different formats and rates such as 5.94Gbps/5.934Gbps/2.97Gbps/2.967Gbps, 1.485Gbps/1.4835Gbps, 270Mbps and so on, suiting any format transmission from SD to 4K.

Supporting pathological signal transmission

Pathological is an effective method for measuring the stability and reliability of transmission links. IOTS-Mini-4K adopts a high gain equalization LA and a dedicated TIA high-speed optical operational amplifier to optimize the pathological bit stream path and ensure the transmission of pathological frames. Support the transmission of any format of SD-4K pathological code stream, ensuring the reliability of the transmission link.

Multiple external interfaces, Ethernet, BB, DATA

IOTS-Mini-4K has multiple external interfaces, plug and play, making it convenient to operate. Supports 10/100/1ODOM adaptive Ethernet, bidirectional Black-Burst synchronous signals, and bidirectional RS422/485 data transmission at a rate of up to 2Mb.

Fiber optic link and power supply

IOTS-Mini-4K uses a highly stable FC-UPC as the fiber optic transmission interface. FC-UPC has high safety and reliability that LC, SC, and ST optical interfaces do not have. The threaded structure and precision ceramic components eliminate transmission safety hazards . IOTS-Mini-4K uses an external DC power supply input to support voltages of 5VDC~12VDC, and the overall power consumption is about 6W.


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