Low Noise Generator Set



  • The utilization of a combined water-cooled and air-cooled heat dissipation system enhances the adaptability of the unit to various environmental conditions, hence fulfilling the requirements for operation in diverse terrains.
  • The conventional remote intelligent control panel provides real-time updates on device status, thereby facilitating convenient observation and operation.
  • The high-pressure common rail electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine is chosen to enhance fuel combustion efficiency, conserve energy, reduce emissions, and minimize environmental pollution.
  • The short-shaft air-cooled excitation motor features reduced dimensions and decreased mass.
  • The enhanced user-friendly design of the single-sided inspection door offers increased convenience for routine maintenance tasks.
  • The semi-enclosed soundproof cover design ensures an improved muting effect.
  • The implementation of a two-stage shock absorption system yields a favorable impact attenuation outcome.
  • Excellent electrical performance index.
  • Small size, light weight, high power density.



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