Ultra Low Noise Generator Set



  • The unit’s greater environmental adaptability, ability to handle any terrain, reduced maintenance demands, and increased durability are all the result of our outstanding full water-cooling single-cycle technology.
  • The conventional remote intelligent control panel has the capability to provide real-time updates on the unit’s status, thereby facilitating convenient observation and operation.
  • The high-pressure common rail electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine is chosen for the purpose of enhancing fuel combustion efficiency, conserving energy, mitigating emissions, and minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Water-cooled excitation motor with higher stability.
  • The enhanced user-friendly design of the single-sided inspection door offers increased convenience for routine maintenance tasks.
  • The implementation of a two-stage shock absorption system yields a favorable impact attenuation outcome.
  • Excellent electrical performance index.
  • Small size, light weight, high power density



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